Sponsorship Details

CMIT Convention 2020

April 20 – 23 2020

Fort Worth, Texas

The Worthing Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel | $175.00/night | 200 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Tentative Schedule of Events

Sponsorship Packages

Top Sponsorship Packages


Mid-tier Sponsorship Packages



Additional Purchases

Additional Attendee- Need more handing on deck or want more opportunity to mingle with the CMIT Franchisees? You may purchase additional attendees for the event for a fee.

Charging Station- Charging stations will be placed in high volume areas during the event. you can either purchase 1 charging station to branding during the event or all 4 charging stations during the event ($3000-$12000)

Wifi Branding- Give attendees the speed they need! Sponsor an upgraded version of the wifi specifically for CMIT attendees.

Tech Workspace Branding- Sponsor the tech workspace during the event. A quiet, private location open to CMIT Convention 2020 attendees where they can go and work during the event. This space will be open for the entire event.

Early Bird Special

Sign up for convention before February 1st 2020 and receive a free mobile app banner ad and a drop-in for the registration bag.

Trade Show

Tables in the Trade Show space on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Placement is based on predetermined layout by sponsorship level and is then decided on a first come first serve basis.

Available Layouts:


Your sponsorship package will determine the number of attendees that you can have at the event. This number ranges between 2-4 attendees. You may purchase additional attendees if needed.

Package item descriptions:

Panel Seat- Represent your company as an expert on the industry panel during the event. Timing for the panel will be determined closer to the event.





Keynote- Length and timing of presentation is determined based on your sponsorship level. Ex: lunch sponsor will have their presentation during a lunch time.





Training Workshop- Trainings will be on Wednesday morning and afternoons. You training will need to be approved by the CMIT corporate office, including slide approval. Training session will run 45 minutes with a suggested 30 minutes of training and then 15 minutes for Q&A.




Co-branding- Based on your sponsorship level you will recieve co-branding on different items throughout the event. This may include banners, posters, decals, and other print materials, along with specific branding and shout-outs within the mobile app based on your sponsorship level.




Mobile App- The mobile app is used for all things related to CMIT Convention 2020. This app will include the agenda, notifications, announcement, gaming, and other communications. All sponsors receive access to the mobile app, and can engage with attendees through this channel.

Award Presentation- Present an award to the franchisees

Sponsored Lounge- A casual place in the Trade Show space to relax, work, set-up meetings with attendees, or chat during convention.

Splash Screen- The initial screen seen by attendees when the mobile app is opened. This screen has CMIT Convention 2020 Artwork on it including the top sponsors logo.

Mobile Banner Ad- Your banner Ad will show up at the top of the mobile app and will constantly rotate along the top of the screen.

Push Notification- Send a notification directly to attendees through the app. It can be whatever kind of message you want to share during the event (up to a certain character count)

iBeacon- Beacons are devices that are placed in a certain area during the event, and send out specific notifications to attendees when they are in that specific location. An example of this would be placing a beacon at the front registration desk, and when attendees arrive in the area they would receive a notifications welcoming them to the event.

Attendee Survey- Send out a custom survey to all attendees

Rules and Regulations:

Hotel reservations: CMIT’s group rate is $175/night including 3 days before and after the event. Deadline for reservation is April 1, 2020.

Trade Show Set-up and Tear Down: Set-up will be between 9am and 11am on Tuesday April 21, 2020 for Trade Show to begin later that day. The Trade Show will end after lunch on Wednesday, April 22nd and Tear down of booth must be done before 3pm.

Payment: Deposit for your sponsorship must be received within 30 calendar days of you purchase. Full payment is due no later than April 1, 2020.

Contract: Upon purchasing your sponsorship you will receive a contract that must be signed within 30 calendar days.

Attendees agree to comply with the laws, ordinances and regulations as defined by the hotel/venue.

Image release: By participating in this event and agreeing to the terms, all representatives of your company agree to the reproduction of any photographs or video captured during the event for use in promotions and publications as desired by CMIT.

Outside events: Any desire to engage with CMIT’s franchisees in an organized event outside of the scheduled convention activities must be approved through written request to cmitelevate.com. Tuesday April 21, 2020 is the Free Night and you will have the opportunity to have an organized event if you would like to during that time.


Sponsorship Registration: March 1st

Hotel Reservation, Attendee Registrations, Payments due – April 1st

Trade Show Space: You placement in the trade show space will first be determined by your sponsorship package and will then be on a first come first serve basis.